Travellers expensive mistakes 

If you're interested in taking fun weekend breaks while saving hundreds of pounds on flights, hotels & cars, then this is going to be the most exciting message you'll ever read.

Here's Why:
Many travellers make one or more of these expensive mistakes that is costing them hundreds of extra pounds on their vacations...

Some of the most expensive mistakes made by travellers include:
Expensive Mistake #1 - Using an offline travel agent (who gets a big cut out of every deal) instead of quickly and easily booking your own tickets online at some of the most popular deep discount travel websites like Expedia UK, All Hotels, FlyBe etc.
Expensive Mistake #2 - Booking Flight tickets at one travel website, hotel tickets at another travel website & car rentals on a third travel website. (Hint: You get the best deals by booking flights, hotels and care hires all at the same place on popular sites like Expedia UK. Savvy shoppers book package deals which include flight, hotel & car rentals instead of booking each separately to get the best deals. Go ahead and ask one of your net savvy friends and see if what I said is true.)
Expensive Mistake #3 - Using smaller travel websites instead of booking with the biggies. Gigantic travel websites like Expedia UK have a lions share of the online travel market. This means they can often get you unbelievably low fares which you just can't find anywhere else. Besides I personally feel safer giving my credit card numbers to a reputable site like Expedia UK.

Count yourself lucky if you haven't made any of these mistakes yet because expensive mistakes like these can shrink your retirement account faster than you can blink...
Financially savvy Britons are ditching their travel agents in droves and booking their tickets online. They are getting phenomenal rates on their Flight, Hotel and Car deals...
The biggest beneficiary is the frequent traveller & those who love to vacation but can't afford the steep prices. After all who doesn't want a few hundred extra pounds left in their pockets after taking a relaxing vacation!
They are many competing online travel websites. However there are very, very, very few one stop solutions where you can book your flight, hotel and car deals in one integrated package. For e.g. All Hotels (You can book only hotels), FlyBe (Only air tickets) are two of the competing sites. Likewise there are many other smaller players in the UK online travel market with very limited offerings. (I won't even mention can easily find them yourself).

Here's why...
a) Ridiculously cheap rates especially on their flights and hotels.
b) One of the oldest and most reputed online travel companys. So I can safely use my credit card on their site without worrying about security issues.
c) Easy to check different deals at once.
d) Their deeply discounted ready made holiday packages will satisfy even the most picky traveller. They have a variety of holiday packages for different categories of travellers...(e.g. Beach Holidays, Florida Holidays, Caribbean Holidays, Far Easy and OZ holidays, plus lots more including city breaks, luxury breaks, shopping breaks, ski deals & holidays for couples among others.)
e) And lastly because of their size they have great deals to even obscure places.

All of their ready made holiday packages include flight tickets and hotel accomodations in addition to a few other complimentary perks.
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