Why to Buy a Molded Dash Kit! 

All you wanted To Know About Molded Dash Kits

The dash board kits come in two different types i.e. flat dash kits and molded dash kits. If all the dash board of vehicle were flat than only flat dash kits will be sufficient but it is not so, there were many dash board that are curved around the edges or in 3D shapes. So, for that kind of dash board the molded dash kits were more suitable and subtle.

Why Molded Dash Kits

The molded dash kits are restyling accessories for all kind of vehicles. The molded dash kits give an extra dimension of luxury and sophistication around your interior controls and consoles of vehicle. The molded dash kits consist of 2D and 3D formed parts that precisely fit the shape of your countered dash board. The 2D molded pieces works similar to the flat dash kits i.e. for slightly curved dash surface. The 2D molded dash kits cover the flat surface of the dash board. The 3D molded dash pieces are curved around the edges of the factory dash board and cover all the curved surface of dash board.

When to fit Molded Dash Kits

Generally, the molded dash kits are not made or suitable for all kinds of vehicles. The molded dash kits are especially made for the trucks and SUV that have large rounded edge dash surface or 3D shaped dash surface that can not be covered by the flat dash kits.

Types found for this Molded Dash Kits

There are many molded dash kits that are the combination of both 2D and 3D molded pieces.

Utility of Molded Dash Kits

By the use of molded dash kit you can enhance the interior of your vehicle. Installing the molded dash kit onto your vehicle is very easy. When the molded dash kits are attached to the dash board of your vehicle will make it look even more customized and sophisticated then ever before. So, in many cases it is recommended by the advisors to use a molded dash kits for vehicles.

Techniques adopted for Molded Dash Kits

The technique and methods used in the manufacturing of the molded dash kits is very much different form the way the flat dash kits are made.

Whether the molded dash kit is in 3D or 2D formed it is manufactured by using the hot press and injection molding procedure.

Premium synthetic materials are used to manufacture the molded dash kits for dash board.

Warranty of Molded Dash Kits

This material used for manufacturing the molded dash kit gives a warranty of lifetime.

Price involved

In comparison to the flat dash kit the price of the molded dash kit is much higher. Molded dash kits offer you with a smaller collection of colors and designs to choose for your vehicle.

Wrapping up

However, certain designs used in flat dash kits can not accommodate the molded dash kits as because of limitation of space and clearance. Molded dash kits should be used for vehicles with contoured dashes such as the Chevy Silverado, Ford Explorer, and GMC Tahoe.

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